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Ducting Work

Air Conditioner Duct Installation

As a qualified Air Conditioner Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) contractors, we serve to isolate air ducts from heat loss with a fiberglass lining, where the air supply is very cold. Such fiberglass materials can provide noise dampening of the compressor system. The fiberglass is resistant to condensation, which is a result of high humidity weather, especially in Singapore. In most cases, the sheet metal air ducts are lined with fiberglass duct liner on the inner and outer surfaces.

Hi-Wall Split AC

We have completed many residential, commercial and retail projects with this type of air duct installation. It is an increasing trend in residential projects to use air duct based air conditioner units.

KBE Singapore provides professional and certified Kitchen Exhaust Duct Installation for your home or restaurant. We ensure your kitchen is fresh, odour free and safe with our Kitchen Exhaust Duct Installation services.

Kitchen Exhaust Ducts Installation

Our team at KBE makes use of mechanical exhaust installed in kitchens and bathrooms to control odours and humidity. This system assists in removing smoke and grease from the kitchen.

When installing your ducting system, we take design into consideration to regulate things such as the flow rate, in terms of fan speed and exhaust vent size and noise level. If ducting for fans traverse unheated space, the ducting should be insulated to prevent condensation on the ducting. Direct fans are used for many applications, and to minimize maintenance.

Get in touch with our team today for professional kitchen ducting and ventilation services for your home or restaurant.

Mechanical Ventilation Duct Installation

KBE air conditioning and Engineering Pte Ltd is a qualified ACMV (Air Conditioner Mechanical Ventilation) contractor. We install Air Conditioner Mechanical Ventilation Ductwork for large buildings, commercial and retail spaces.

Air Conditioner Mechanical Ventilation systems are most often installed in car parks, toilets and the basement of the buildings. It extracts hot and stagnant air and provides fresh and circulating air via the air ducts. In some cases, the ductwork are done on the outer space, above or outside the building.

Exhaust Duct Installation

KBE Singapore provides professional Exhaust Duct Installation in Singapore for your retail, commercial, or residential needs.

Our Exhaust Ducting technicians make use of Spring Steel wire helixes, encapsulated in polymer plastic, flexible air ducts are inexpensive, which are lightweight and easy to install.

With the length and the number of bends in the flexible air ducts, the length of the flexible air ducts need to be designed appropriately to ensure effective optimum system performance. KBE’s certified professionals design, construct, and install the flexible air ducts in to complete the air conditioning system with maximum results.

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