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Annual Maintenance Contract for Package and Central AC plants
Any machine needs regular maintenance to avoid undue break downs and enhance its operating performance with better life cycle. We offer PPM works on Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and yearly frequencies to ensure the near to zero down time for the AC units..


  • Labour Contract – Free of labour charges on service period.
  • Ordinary contract –Based on Yearly AMC Service – 4 visits will be carried out to client. No need of labour charges. We repair works such as Overhauling & Gas Charging excluding of Compressor & fan motor Rewinding.
  • Without Compressor – Compressor does not falls on free repair / replacement; however the replacement of compressor will be distribute by the manufacturer to us based on your purchase bill on its failure during guarantee period.
  • Comprehensive contract: Free service unit and free service station. No Need of worry about your air conditioner and service cost. We cover all the Major issues, overhauling, Gas Charging, Fan Motor Re-winding, Compressor replacements, ETC.., of your air conditioner. Costing will be carried out in your CAMC Contract.


• Air conditioning unit will be checked initially before service, for Temperature, Amperage and Noise. • Air filter will be cleaned.
Electrical control panel will be checked and cleaned. i.e check-up of Selector switch. Thermostat P.T.C.R. Oscillation Motor, Vent Levers and Exhaust Levers, if necessary.
• Fan Motors will be checked and lubrication of the fan motor will be done.
• Stabilizer, tripper Switch, Electrical Power Point for the A/C. unit will be checked.
• A/C unit will be on test run for through check on temperature and working efficiency after service.
• Servicing A/c. unit will be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly / Quarterly Basis as per the customer’s desire. Any breakdown calls will be attended with immediate response on normal working hours.
• All electrical components and spares charges are to be paid immediately at the time of replacement.
• All transportation for movement of Air Conditioners must be borne the client for any Service Station Work.
• Free Overhauling: The air conditioning unit will be brought to the Service Station for General Overhauling whenever the condition of the unit requires to do so.
•Free Transportation: Free transportation will be provided whenever the air conditioning unit is collected to our service station for overhauling or any major repairs.
• Free Gas Charging: Gas Charging will be done if there is leak in the system at our Service Station. Any Gas leak due to mishandling of the unit will be subject to the sole discretion of Company.
•Free Spares: Supply of spares & materials will be done free of cost (only on receipt of defective spares), if required for the unit, as a result of wear and tear during the contract period.
•Free Chemical Washing: During Overhauling of the Air Conditioners, this chemical washing process will be done free of charges.


                   Annual Maintence Contract
S.NO AC Type   PER TR 1 st Year 2 nd Year(10% offer) 5 th year (20 %)
1 Split AC 1 TR 2,400.00 2,400.00 4,320.00 9,600.00
1.5 TR 2,600.00 2,600.00 4,680.00 10,400.00
2 TR 2,800.00 2,800.00 5,040.00 11,200.00
2 Window AC 1 TR 2,300.00 2,300.00 4,140.00 9,200.00
1.5 TR 2,500.00 2,500.00 4,500.00 10,000.00
2 TR 2,700.00 2,700.00 4,860.00 10,800.00
3 Cassatte AC PER TR 1,450.00 1,450.00 1,305.00 1,160.00
4 Ductable AC PER TR 1,550.00 1,550.00 1,395.00 1,240.00
          Comprehensive  Annual Maintence Contract
S.NO AC Type   PER TR 1 st Year 2 nd Year(10% offer) 5 th year (20 %)
1 Split AC 1 TR 3,800.00 3,800.00 6,840.00 15,200.00
1.5 TR 4,400.00 4,400.00 7,920.00 17,600.00
2 TR 5,200.00 5,200.00 9,360.00 20,800.00
2 Window AC 1 TR 3,600.00 3,600.00 6,480.00 14,400.00
1.5 TR 4,200.00 4,200.00 7,560.00 16,800.00
2 TR 5,000.00 5,000.00 9,000.00 20,000.00
3 Cassatte AC PER TR 3,600.00 3,600.00 3,240.00 2,880.00
4 Ductable AC PER TR 4,400.00 4,400.00 3,960.00 3,520.00


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