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MEP Engineering Training

All universities can provide you a graduation,mere graduation will not take you to get a job, because industry need skilled employees in advanced technology which university can’t provide. There is a huge gap between university syllabus and the industry requirements, Yes!, We at CAPS ACADEMY bridging that gap by providing structured training on MEP engineering, Which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

MEP engineer is a single-level professional classification responsible for planning and design in the areas of mechanical, electrical and plumbing(MEP) systems including developing policies, standards, inspection prodecures, and evaluation tools for MEP matters involving judicial branch facilities. Incumbents may prepare and will review drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for the mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing systems in the facilities of the judicial branch.

Complex buildings and light industrial projects, using either the design-bid-build approach, the design assist approach or the design-build approach, require coordination for MEP systems. The engineer first prepares mechanical, plumbing and electrical specifications, assigning full responsibility for coordination to the specialty contractors, including checking for clearances,field conditions, and architectural conditions. On design-bid-build projects, the engineer also prepares diagrammatic drawings of Mep systems to establish the scope, materials, and quality, but not detailed layout or installation instructions. The specifications requirements and drawings provide the information inputs for MEP coordination.


  • May prepare plans, details, specifications, and cost estimates in such specialties as plumbing; heating; ventilating; air conditioning; and general piping systems for non-complex projects or those of limited scope.
  • Provides technical advice to staff designers, craft supervisors, inspectors, and contracting service providers, regarding installation and maintenance of MEP systems.
  • May oversee a comprehensive engineering project, with responsibility for ensuring that the project is completed on schedule and within budget and for acting as a liaison between the judiciary and other governmental agencies.
  • Acts in liaison with other agencies exercising tact and diplomacy where the interests of private, city or state agencies, and those of the judiciary are adverse to each other inorder to reach an amicable compromise.
  • May interview manufacturers’ representatives regarding mechanical equipment, and makes field inspections and inspections at manufacturing plans prior to acceptance of specially fabricated equipment.
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