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Air Balancing

The air quality testing and air balancing specialists.

Ausmech Air aims to provide high performance-integrity and reliability of service in a sound and safe environment. We specialise in air balancing and air quality testing for quality and efficiency purposes. Our specialised equipment allows us to analyse aspects of your system to maximise efficiency and ensure maximum performance.

Hi-Wall Split AC

Air Quality Testing

Ausmech can offer logged room testing, system testing or larger areas for air quality testing including temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and dioxide, gases etc. Systems with insufficient fresh air or not set up correctly can introduce odours, gases or pollutants that affect health. We can test your system and report on potential risks.

HEPA Filter Testing

Ausmech manage the testing and replacement of HEPA filters as well as the commissioning and flow rates of new and old HEPA filters.

Air Balancing Services

Ausmech carry out regular air balancing services, recording and testing to improve air flow, customer comfort and eliminate unnecessary drafts. Happy staff are productive staff and this begins with quality air at the right temperature.

Independent Testing & Balancing

With the continually evolving built environment and the need for increases in building performance, comprehensive HVAC systems commissioning is more vital than ever before.Flowtech National’s focus is to work with our clients and their project partners to deliver an efficient and fine-tuned building that continues to deliver operational saving well into the future. Our highly skilled and certified commissioning team can offer;

  • NEBB Test and Balancing (TAB) Certification – Air and Hydronics
  • Equipment Bench Testing and Certification
  • System / Building Performance Validation
  • Central Energy Plants
  • Tri/Co Generation Plants
  • Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Temperature and Flow Trending
  • Thermal Scans (Thermography)
  • Diagnostics and Plant Performance Investigations
  • Green Star Commissioning and Building Tuning Deliverables
  • Coordination and Management of Large, Multi-Disciplinary Service Teams
  • Cloud Based Operating System (live commissioning data portal)
  • Delivery Model Based on CIBSE and ASHRAE Guidelines

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