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HVAC Training

HVAC Design

We explore the fundamentals of HVAC design. Topics include cooling load calculation, including building envelops, U-value, internal and external heat gains, and ventilation criteria; psychometric; air handling system and their components, selection criteria, and classification; Duct system design, including pressure loss calculation; fan classification and selection; and relevant laws.

Focus on types of building systems, including constant and variable volume; vapour compression refrigeration cycle; centrifugal and absorption chillers; heat rejection option, including cooling towers, air cooled condensers; pipe sizing for hydronic systems; centrifugal pumps including selection criteria and pump laws.

Our Course Includes,

  • Heat load calculation
  • Ventilation criteria
  • Classification and selection of air handlers
  • Duct system design
  • Chilled water piping design
  • Types of building systemsCriteria for Equipment Selection (Pump, Fan coil unit, Chiller, Cooling tower, Control Valve etc..)
  • Comparison of HVAC system and their components
  • Involvement and collaboration of architects, developers, building owners and consulting engineers in regards to HVAC design

Our Training

We provide top class training in Building Facility Management ServicesTraining which is provided by us, enable students to gain real-time exposure on competitive technologies. are offered by well experienced employeesto give a real engineering exposure.

As a team, we are determined to impart the best possible education to the learning community by a judicious mix of knowledge, training skill and wisdom tailored to meet the precise needs of the aspiring learners.


We have modern training facilities with compact class rooms, equipped with audio-visual aidsand excellent Lab for practice on Projects on all course. We undertake Classroom Training, Projects Training and Video Based Training on latest services. We make sure that all our sessions are very much interactive and well structured. We encourage every participant to come up with his / her own queries during & after the training sessions. We prefer practical approach rather than theoretical information to master the technical depth of the training.

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